Compliance to commitment

You may already be familiar with Compliance to Commitment™, which I have also referred to as forging employee engagement as a strategic weapon in your competitive arsenal.  While much of the information I have shared previously has been anecdotal, a recent white paper from the Peppers & Rogers Group, Engagement - the New Competitive Advantage, provides additional validation for developing employee commitment to improve your business. 

One of the first things the Peppers & Rogers study distinguishes is a new view of engagement relative to the traditional view of intellectual, behavioral, and emotional levels.  To describe those a little more fully, the intellectual level is when an employee agrees with your company vision statement, and/or a customer values the attributes of your brand. The behavioral level, recommending or purchasing your product or service, is when you start to see energy or discretionary effort. The third level, the emotional level, is when you actually see “buy in” and enthusiasm. You can see how, in some ways, this approach parallels Ron Willingham’s three dimensions of congruency: I think, I feel, and I am. Willingham pointed out, and Pepper and Rogers agree, that the emotional “buy in” is much more impactful than the intellectual appeal.

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