"Mark is a creative thinker and a great public speaker. Mark has great capacity and facility to analyze HR and organizational challenges and offer strategic guidance concerning how to navigate human organizational challenges. Mark is especially knowledgeable and insightful concerning employee engagement strategies and practices.

"I always look forward to, and seek to create, opportunities to work and partner with Mark Herbert."

Dennis Carr, M.S.I.R., SPHR, Chief Human Resources Officer
Lane Community College

"Mark is a high energy change agent. With his strength in organizational development and human resources he is the perfect facilitator for developing leadership at all levels of the organization. His style of leadership forces the organization to go beyond their comfort zone and challenge the status quo."

Mandy Jones, CEO
Oregon Community Credit Union

"I used Mark to provide a leadership training to my staff of 20 supervisors and managers.  His style was perfect for this group.  He asked pointed questions and involved them in the discovery of building our leadership model both individually and collectively.  The group said it was the best training that they have had and they were able to take away some concrete steps to accomplish what was discussed in the training,  Mark did a great job,  has been back for some follow up training, and I will continue to use him to build on the foundation that was laid in the initial training."

Mark Johnson, Director of Operations and Customer Satisfaction
Lane Transit District

"Mark Herbert is a thought leader in organizational change.

His "Compliance to Commitment" ™ model reflects a profound commitment to the profitability and sustainability of every company that he works with.

I enjoyed and benefited, like other professionals, from his book “Managing Whole People” and its contribution to HR theory and practice. Mark and I also share a mutual interest in new cognitive developments in the theory of learning cognitive and its applications for performance enhancement in the workplace. Mark also expertly led and hosted a best practices forum that I was part of on “why current change efforts were failing.”

Mark is a true professional with an incredible passion for getting it right You will be pleased with Mark and his value added contribution."

Doug Ross, Principal
anaging Dynamics

"I coach fundraising professionals to become superstars of their profession. My work takes me to all corners of the United States.  When I need help, I reach-out to Mark.  As a result, he has helped me become among the best at what I do.  Mark is the ideal "coaches' coach": prompt, intuitive; confident; inspiring.  I'm proud to have him as a member of my virtual organization."

Casey Woodard, President
Casey Woodard Consulting LLC

"Mark’s insights, perspective, and style I have found encouraging and supportive. That makes him effective."

Ken Maddox, Business Manager
Hamilton Construction

"As a business owner and consultant to many employers throughout Oregon, I have had the good fortune of working with many bright and inspired leaders in a broad range of industries.  Approximately 20 years ago I met and began working with Mark Herbert.  Mark worked for an employer in the region that employed approximately 500 employees and was actively engaged in the acquisition of other companies.  I was immediately impressed with Mark’s quick grasp of technical subjects and his vision of the employment and risk management areas, fields that I have been associated with for the past 40 years.

Mark was and is an original thinker—someone who moves the needle when it comes to strategic planning and guidance for employers.  I see Mark as a person who is highly professional, is a gifted writer on technical subjects and an excellent speaker.  Mark is an innovator and willing to push the envelope while managing the risk of any down side.  Working for Mark led to a number of innovative programs never before accomplished in employee risk management.

If you have occasion to use or consider Mark’s services as a consultant to your organization, I would highly recommend that you do so, as his capabilities are second to none and his delivery on commitments made, have resulted in significant and lasting growth."

Delmer Johnson, Executive Vice President
USI Insurance Services - Employee Benefits